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Youth residing in underserved communities often lack exposure and access to opportunities that promote their positive self-development. Safe, structured and creative environments allow all youth to engage in positive social interaction, team building and collaborative activities; as well as help to develop problem solving and analytical thinking skills. Combined with physical and creative activities, youth can be taught how to work toward a common goal, take personal and collective accountability, and develop the self-esteem and confidence to remain resilient in the face of daily challenges and obstacles.


Markham Summer Camp seeks to equip Markham students with the tools to achieve, connect and thrive by providing them with access to a meaningful and engaging summer camp experience in a safe and nurturing environment.

Through the delivery of high quality programs which include athletics, performing and fine arts, design, film-making, music, field trips, conflict resolution, leadership development and personal enrichment activities; Markham Summer Camp is taking a holistic approach to fostering the positive self-development of at-risk youth.


  • Support positive and holistic approach to youth development
  • Engage youth in activities which build skills, confidence and provide opportunities to make positive choices
  • Provide opportunities for youth to establish and maintain a safe, positive and inclusive camp community
  • Encourage the demonstration of positive behaviors at school, home and within the community
  • Provide personal growth opportunities through engagement in peer to peer, adult and group mentorship
  • Provide safe and secure spaces for self-expression and artistic and social development

Summer Schedule

2014 Markham Summer Camp Schedule

MON-FRI/ 12:30pm-6:00pm (HOURS OF OPERATION)
Camp Year Camp Dates
2014.June 30th – August 1st

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